Thursday, April 9, 2009

to answer a few questions

Hi folks. This is Debi. I'm Annie's mom, and I help her with this challenge, but it is her challenge. I'm just popping in to make this quick post, because there were a few questions, and Miss Annie is gone for the day.

First of all, the posts about winners of last year's contests are all on last year's What's in a Name? blog. (Including the winner of the drawing for the final prize.)

As for this year's contests, they will be randomly sprinkled throughout the year. For the first one, all you had to do to enter was answer the questions Annie asked in the comments section. We used to pull a winner from the answer-ees. In general, that is how all mini-contests throughout the year will work. For the end-of-year prize, Annie will make a post asking anyone who has finished reading all their books to let her know in the comments, and then a winner will be chosen in the same fashion.

Anzlitlovers and Bingo, I hope that answered your questions. If not, let us know.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Debi, you have answered my question:)
I'm looking forward to completing the challenge this year, and have already made some progress - but I've read two from the same category! My choices are all Australian titles, as you would expect from ANZ LitLovers, see
Best wishes
Lisa in OZ

Bingo said...

Ah, HA! Now I see! That makes perfect sense and it was probably too late and I was too tired trying to figure it out before! Thanks and keep up the good work, Annie! (you are still featured on my blog :D)

Tiffany Norris said...

Still reading...but I was curious if the Mr. Linky things aren't working or if it's just operator-error in my case. :) I've left the last two reviews in the comments section of the category.

Paula said...

Hmmmm....what has happened to Mr. Linky. I'm not seeing it on any of the posts. Strange.