Monday, November 16, 2009

so who finished the challenge???

The year's coming to an end, so I guess it's time to see who's finished the What's in a Name 2 challenge. If you have finished, please leave a comment saying so. It would also be nice to hear which was your favorite read from the challenge. :)

To be entered for the end of challenge prize, you must (by January 1, 2010):

1. finish all your books for the challenge (obviously this is an honor thing--I won't be checking up on you)


2. leave a comment on THIS post saying that you finished.

This has been a really busy year for me, and I apologize that I have not been the best challenge host. I'm afraid that next year is only going to be more busy, so I'm afraid I just can't commit to hosting for a third year. I really love this challenge, though, so I hope that someone will feel the urge to pick it up and run with it...

Thanks to everyone who has participated this year and last!

Happy reading!